Blogging in odd places. #1 in a series

I write this from the discomfort of Busáras. Standing in an internet kiosk.

Number of things happening.

1. Mum and Dad are away for Dad's 47th birthday. I have the house to myself. However I'm not there. That mean's no one's fed the pets or let the dog out. When I get home there'll probably be a mess everywhere and Lily will have broken in and feasted on Blacky.

She's a cat. They're devious.

2. Numerous assignments. My zero tolerance on angsty posts will end this point now.

3 I'm 21 in just over a month. Or 16 for the 5th time as I like to see it. Yay selective adulthood.

I should consider planning that party.

That was fun. I should try for some weirder place next time.