I'm Back

It's been a while.
I'll start again with a new chapter in Big Dave's saga.
He holds a world record.
Ray D'arcy had him on the show last Friday to eat more than 3 bananas in a minute.
He managed to eat 3 and a half, meaning (if the record is all proper), that he shares a world record.
No pictures, yet.

The party went well. Lots of people showed up and a good time was had by all.
Not much I can remember. That's probably a good sign.

In bad news, I failed my exams. So I have to do them again in august. Still 3rd time's the charm.

Need a job. Kinda have one in that I'm giving grinds to Eoin and Jamie (my cousin). And I end up providing tech support to most of my family.

Lost series 4 was on today. I still don't know what's going on but I'm a sucker for a mystery involving time travel and fun characters.

Not much else in the brain right now. Bedtime looms. Maybe it'll be less than 2 months till the next post. Maybe.