Trek Fest: Day 1

Let me take a minute to blow the cobwebs off the blog.

So lately I've partaken in a Star Trek movie marathon. Well less a marathon and more a race similar to the Tour De France (multiple stages over several days). Allow me to summarise my experience.

Stage 1 - Saturday 21st March : Star Trek - The Motion Picture

Participants: Al, Ciaran, Aoife and Little Dave (for 5 minutes)

Nothing happens.

Seems the producers saw Star Wars and 2001 and noted a common link, slow motion shots of spaceships. The alleged plot is that a mysterious cloud (called V'Ger) is heading for Earth to meet its creator, which it believes is an AI. Meanwhile the crew of the Enterprise reunite and are sent to intercept the cloud and save Earth in their shiny new spaceship and horrible new uniforms. Turns out the cloud contains a ship which was made from the Voyager 6 probe that was given intelligence after landing on a planet of intelligent machines.
New crew member Will Decker convinces V'ger not to destroy Earth and that humans created it. Then they merge together in a shiny light and go... somewhere.
The End.

  • We finally get the Kirk/Spock slash fics.
  • It's not a good movie if you spend the whole time talking about other movies.
  • When Ciaran left the room (about an hour and a half into the movie) plot occurred. I believe Ciaran was intimidating the plot so it hid until he left.
  • Dave decided immediately that he hated the movie. He was not proven wrong.
  • Owen was meant to watch with us but mysteriously decided to cook lasagna instead. I smell shenanigans. Shenanigans and lasagna.