In which our protagonist faces a turn of events

Over a month ago I received an email from Ciaran. Which is an unusual occurrence as we mostly talk by twitter, facebook, text or (occasionally) face to face like normal human beings. But not email.

The email contained a picture of a unicorn, at night, in the snow and John Cusack's face superimposed over a crescent moon. In short it was awesome.


The email also had a listing for an apartment on daft. It was just down the road and pretty affordable. And Ciaran wanted to get it.
And we did.
He arranged the viewing for the next day, it looked good and we got it. A week and a half later we moved in.

This is something we had been idly discussing for about a year but nothing serious ever came out of it for one reason or another. Until now. Now it had happened because there was nothing to get in our way. It was a runaway train on a collision course with maturity. It was change. And change is scary so I usually avoid it wherever possible.

I see what you did there, Mister Lucas. Preying on my well know love of unicorns and John Cusack movies you lulled me into a false sense of security and lowered the trap. A gilded cage filled with independence and adult responsibility and a Playstation 3. Just know that as I play Assassin's Creed late into the night that the face of my every victim is that of my captor.

On the plus side I finally have a bookcase that fits all my books.

Not pictured: Bottom shelf containing more stuff; money all this must have cost me