Harry Potter and the Snake in the Drains

We watched Chamber of Secrets. Yay!

Here are some random thoughts based on us watching that selfsame movie.
  • Harry Potter is not able to lie. At all.
  • Ron lost his cockney accent, possibly in a game of wizard chess.
  • Apparently Dumbledore watches Harry while he sleeps.
  • Dobby says Hogwarts is more dangerous than usual. That can't be good. Dumbledore heard of health & safety but thought it was one of those indie bands.
  • Drinking game idea: Every time someone says Harry Potter. Also any time Harry is compared to his father or is told he has his mother's eyes. Warning: This may lead to alcohol poisoning.
  • Dumbledore sure does have a lot of contingency plans. I swear he's read the books.
  • Ron is the movie's official butt monkey, with Malfoy coming a close second.
  • Not as much Snape action this time but Alan Rickman is still fantastic. Especially when talking to Lockheart.

Well at least I didn't use a spoon.