Blogging for the Sake of It - May 14th 2014

There's not much to be writing about today. I was in work. Mum and Dad are preparing for a trip to China to see Sarah, who's over there teaching English. Luckily Sarah's present has arrived so that can go out to her. She'll love it, I'm sure.

Also I recorded another episode of the podcast with Patrick. That will be coming to headphones near you when he has it edited. It may take a while. He's in the middle of exams.

Beyond that I've nothing to talk about except the Proclaimer count. It's a bit better today because I was working. Still below the target though. That's disappointing. I get a fanfare when I hit the target.

Proclaimer Count


Today's Distance: 7,112 steps     5.5 km      3.41 miles

Total Distance: 21,896 steps      17 km     10.56 miles

Number of Days Elapsed: 3            Percentage complete: 1.056%