Blogging for the Sake of It - May 14th 2014

There's not much to be writing about today. I was in work. Mum and Dad are preparing for a trip to China to see Sarah, who's over there teaching English. Luckily Sarah's present has arrived so that can go out to her. She'll love it, I'm sure.

Also I recorded another episode of the podcast with Patrick. That will be coming to headphones near you when he has it edited. It may take a while. He's in the middle of exams.

Beyond that I've nothing to talk about except the Proclaimer count. It's a bit better today because I was working. Still below the target though. That's disappointing. I get a fanfare when I hit the target.

Proclaimer Count


Today's Distance: 7,112 steps     5.5 km      3.41 miles

Total Distance: 21,896 steps      17 km     10.56 miles

Number of Days Elapsed: 3            Percentage complete: 1.056%

Sports and Fake Internet Radio

I've been trying to get more active. This is quite a task for me because I am naturally a lazy person. I hate having to get up and actually exert myself but I need to change before my metabolism gives up and says "Now you're fat!"

To stop this I've taken up walking. There's an app on my phone that counts my steps and the goal is 10,000 steps a day. Yesterday I managed 12,881 steps (10km or 6.2 miles) but yesterday was an exceptional day. I went up town a lot and also walked around Navan shopping. Today was more average, mainly because my legs hurt. The app say 1,903 steps (1.5km or 0.93 miles) but I also went up town and forgot to start the app so that's a little off. Not a lot though.

Long story short, every blog post will have what I'm calling the Proclaimer count. I'm going to see how long it takes me to walk 1,000 miles (or 1,609.4km). [1]
In completly seperate news my oldest friend Patrick [2] and I have started a podcast. It's called The Insert Witty Name Show because we couldn't come up with anything better. It's a pop culture podcast like so many others but the difference is, we're Irish. [3] There are two episodes so far and we talked about our favourite and least favourite sitcoms and the Original Series Star Trek movies.

You can find it here and subscribe on iTunes here.

Proclaimer Count


Today's Distance: 1,903 steps     1.5 km      0.93 miles

Total Distance: 14,784 steps      11.5km     7.13 miles

Number of Days Elapsed: 2            Percentage complete: 0.71%

[1] I know the song is called I'm Gonna Be (500 miles). I will walk 500 more.
[2]In that I've know him longer than my other friends. He's not Methusela.
[3] And do stuff like refer to old Dunnes Stores slogans.